Company Information

Partbusters is one of UK’s fastest growing online autoparts distributor, A young dynamic company with a plethora of planned technology innovations ready to gradually introduce to the sector.  A company whom has been recognised by the IAAF as the first to innovate using social media platforms to further create efficiencies and reduce order times.

A proud member of the IAAF and a proud Tec Alliance Data Partner whom in its infancy has achieved phenomenal compound growth year on year resulting in growth from distribution of brands to brand manufacturing.  Partbusters now independently manufactures both replacement body panels as well as Insurance Approved body panels in the far east as well as in Central Europe.

A company that is established in servicing the crash repair parts sector now has every auto part from brake systems to body parts, shock absorbers and springs, exhaust systems, interior elements, steering systems and clutches, to air-conditioning and heating systems, repair kits and engine oil, Partbusters now offers a wide range of products to all its customers globally.

As we grow, we introduce new efficiencies that are a by product of the strategy sessions we hold with our strategic partners.  Currently Partbusters is a strategic partner of global brands / manufacturers worth in excess of £100 Billion.

With three major distribution hubs in the UK, Partbusters have managed to capitalise on servicing the crash repair sector with daily deliveries to UK Garages and workshops providing quality parts at competitive prices.  With so much achieved by Partbusters in its “embryonic” stage – we at Partbusters are uber excited to continue being able to introduce innovations and efficiencies that are aimed at facilitating both the end user as well as retailers.